Ex Race Horses

You are about to discover why ex-race horses can be different to other horses… (Free instantly downloadable E-Book)

OTTB, Ex Race Horse

  • Why an improperly re-educated ex race horse is likely to bolt
  • Why they can have physical problems that may only show up later in life
  • What about psychological issues
  • Things to do to help transform a red hot racing machine into a pleasure horse
  • What you can end up with if you play your cards right

OTTB (Off the track Thoroughbred) and Standardbred

Before you race out and rescue a race horse off the track, or even take on an Ex Race Horse that hasn’t raced for a while, for your own enjoyment and safety, you need to find out what may be in store….

  • Whether you have owned an ex race horse before or not, the information you are about to learn can save your confidence with horses and can even save your and your horse’s life.
  • Race horses off the track are not like other horses. They have been trained differently to achieve different objectives and use of the usual aids can actually get you into a lot of trouble.
  • Many race horses have been abused, started too young and may therefore carry psychological and physical issues.

You need to know what to look for, what to avoid and how to deal with issues

This is a MUST read before taking on an ex race horse. If you already have one and it hasn’t been properly re-educated, this will point the way to things to do, not do and consider.

Get an Ex Race Horse and Survive to Enjoy it!

Like many other people, I have taken on ex race horses straight off the track.

The first one was a nightmare. I was green and the horse only knew how to go in a straight line at full speed. That’s if you could catch her in order to saddle up and climb aboard.

That was many years ago. Since then there have been others, as well as a number of wild horses – un-handled, straight from the outback….and many lessons and clinics.

I did it the hard way!

You can save yourself time and grief.

You can take a shortcut….but you need to know what to do….

I now work with horses and people on a regular basis…I love it, but I see a lot of things that just shouldn’t happen – even among more experienced riders.….

Good basic knowledge and understanding of how a horse learns, can save a lot of traumas and accidents.

 A little knowledge and information can save a lot of time and frustration.

Find out what you need to know in this instantly downloadable e-book…


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